Secure Your Bitcoin with Kiboruto – The Stainless Steel Backup for Samourai Wallet!

• Samourai Wallet on Android can be secured with a stainless steel backup called the Kiboruto.
• Kiboruto is made by Crazyk_031 and Stackbitme and is available on
• Taking self-custody of bitcoin requires securing three key pieces of information: the seed words, the passphrase, and the PIN.

When taking self-custody of your bitcoin, it is important to take every precaution to ensure your funds are secure and safe from environmental hazards such as fire and flood. Writing down your backup information in a notebook is a good start, but at some point, this may no longer feel secure enough. In order to protect your bitcoin, you can use a stainless steel backup called the Kiboruto, which is designed to be used with Samourai Wallet on Android.

The Kiboruto is made by @Crazyk_031 and @stackbitme and can be found at It is an easy to use and secure way to back up your bitcoin wallet. The Kiboruto allows you to securely store your seed words, passphrase and PIN, ensuring that your bitcoin will remain safe even if your phone is lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair.

When setting up Samourai Wallet, you will be given a list of 12 words known as your “seed words” or “mnemonic phrase”. These seed words are a key piece of information that allows you to restore your bitcoin wallet in the event of an emergency. It is important to save your seed words in the same order that your wallet presents them to you, as getting even one word wrong can render your bitcoin backup useless.

In addition to the seed words, you will also be asked to create a passphrase and PIN. Your passphrase is a set of words that you create yourself and serves as an extra layer of security. Your PIN is an additional code that must be entered in order to access your wallet, and is used to protect your wallet from unauthorised access. Both the passphrase and the PIN should be stored securely in the Kiboruto.

By storing your seed words, passphrase and PIN in the Kiboruto, you can be sure that your bitcoin will remain safe and secure, even in the event of an emergency. The Kiboruto is a great way to securely back up your Samourai Wallet, and ensure that your bitcoin will always be protected.