How Bitcoin Can End Helicopter Parenting

• This opinion editorial by Tim Niemeyer examines how the current fiat monetary system incentivizes poor decision making and unhealthy relational habits, and suggests Bitcoin as a potential fix.
• The article draws from Niemeyer’s experience as both an educator and a Bitcoin enthusiast to explain how helicopter parenting is a result of living in this system.
• Finally, it calls for further exploration into the benefits that sound money can bring about for individuals and society at large.

The Impact of Fiat Money on Decision Making

I’m Tim Niemeyer, co-host of the Lincolnland Bitcoin Meetup, and I’ve been an elementary school teacher for almost two decades now. My dual roles have provided me with unique perspective when it comes to understanding both music and Bitcoin – while I don’t orange pill at school, I recognize how appreciating Bitcoin has shed light on the effects of our coercive fiat monetary system on decision making.

Helicopter Parenting

My experience in education has allowed me to observe the emergence of helicopter parenting – where parents fight their child’s battles, do their schoolwork, coach their coaches, keep them on a short leash and are a maid in their own house – all signs that point back to living in a fiat system where humans are in control of money supply. Inflation robs people out of time and effort which leads to high time preference actions being taken which ultimately results in helicopter parenting becoming more common.

Bitcoin: A Solution?

With these observations made around the impact that fiat money has had on our society, I wanted to express my belief that there could be potential benefit from exploring what sound money could bring about for individuals and society alike. While many may not see it yet due to being trapped within this system itself, Bitcoiners can attest to seeing how having decentralised money can help shift incentives away from those imposed by those with control over the currency itself.

Separating Church & State

It’s important to note that while I’m passionate about both music and Bitcoin, I feel it’s necessary to separate church (Bitcoin) and state (teaching). My job is primarily focused towards educating through music while relying less so on politics or economics; however my appreciation for each has still helped develop an understanding into each other which has offered me insight into why certain behaviors have become commonplace due its association with traditional financial systems like fiat currency.


In conclusion, we must recognize how coerced fiat monetary systems have had an adverse effect on decision making processes which manifests itself into undesirable behavior such as helicopter parenting – but also acknowledge how sound money like Bitcoin provides us with an alternative solution if we’re willing to explore what it can offer us going forward.