Chainwire BLK DNM Brings Physical and Virtual Worlds Together with Blockchain Innovation

• BLK DNM launches the first example of connected fashion, with blockchain-powered hardware and software integrated into its products.
• The ‘digital garment ID’ microchips give each item a unique identity and record of its history, while BLK DNM Society rewards responsible behaviour and grants brand influence to owners.
• Tech will first appear in BLK DNM’s FW 2023 collection.

BLK DNM Launches Connected Fashion with Blockchain Innovation

Stockholm-based Swedish-American fashion brand BLK DNM has launched the world’s first example of connected fashion: garments that exist both physically and virtually, connected by technology. With the launch of BLK DNM Society, the brand is integrating blockchain-powered hardware and software into its products to grant each garment a unique identity in both physical and virtual worlds.

Digital Garment IDs

BLK DNM’s future clothing will be fitted with a ‘digital garment ID’ – an undetectable chip that gives each physical item a unique and recordable identity. This chip includes features such as authentication of the garment as genuine, rewarding responsible behaviours for treasuring clothing long-term, recording each individual garment’s history, acting as digital ticket for entry to events, and granting access to and voting rights within BLK DNM Society.

BLK DNM Society

The digital garment IDs are part of the launch of BLK DNM Society; a community of owners who are rewarded for their responsible behavior and granted voting rights on key brand decisions based on ownership. This also includes creating a ‘digital reflection’ – a twin in the virtual world where an item’s history is recorded – which can then be worn in metaverses.

Benefits Offered By Digital Garment IDs

The digital garment IDs offer many benefits including eliminating counterfeiting, rewarding customers for taking careof their items longterm (such as refurbishment or second hand purchases), recording each individual garments unique history enabling it accrue emotional value over time ,acting as digital tickets for entry into events ,and granting access to vote on key decisions .

Launch Of FW 2023 Collection

The tech from BLK DNMs blockchain innovator ChromaWay will debut in their Fall Winter 2023 collection . Ownership within this new innovative society promises rewards ,brand influence ,recordable identities ,and more .