BOB Token Plunges 45% After Elon Musk Suspends AI Bot

• The BOB token was a chatbot created by an Indian programmer in April 2023 that provided concise explanations for tweets and had 400,000 followers.
• Elon Musk initially embraced BOB and the token rose by 5% in value after his tweet of approval.
• However, in June 2023 Musk accused the AI of being a scam and suspended it from Twitter, causing the BOB token to plunge by about 45%.

The BOB Token

The BOB token was created by an Indian programmer Prabhu Biswal as an AI tweet explainer designed to provide concise explanations for tweets. At the time of its suspension, BOB AI had about 400,000 followers on Twitter under the moniker “ExplainThisBob”.

Elon Musk’s Approval

In April 2023, the Twitter community embraced BOB and it even caught the attention of Elon Musk himself who tweeted his approval of it which caused the token to rise by 5%.

Musk Suspends Bob

However, on June 18th Elon Musk accused BOB of being a scam and had it suspended from Twitter. This abrupt decision caused a huge price decrease with the token plunging 45%.

Musk’s Distrust Of AI

Musk’s recent distrust in AI might have been part of what prompted him to suspend BOB despite initially approving it just two months prior.

Conclusion: Meme Coins Come And Go

Meme coins come and go all the time but each one likes to go out with a bang – such is what happened with BOB which saw success at first before plummeting due to its sudden suspension from Twitter.