BlackRock CEO Larry Fink Highlights Growth of Digital Assets

• BlackRock CEO Larry Fink wrote about the growing digital assets industry in his annual shareholder letter.
• He noted the growth of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency usage in countries such as India, Brazil, and parts of Africa.
• He concluded that the industry is maturing but there are elevated risks and a need for regulation.

Digital Assets Industry Growing

BlackRock CEO Larry Fink recently discussed the growing digital assets industry in an annual shareholder letter. He highlighted how dramatic advances in digital payments are bringing down costs and advancing financial inclusion, especially in developing markets such as India, Brazil and parts of Africa. Fink also noted that developed markets like the United States are lagging behind in comparison leaving the cost of payments higher.


In addition to payment systems, Fink also discussed tokenization of asset classes which could drive efficiencies in capital markets, shorten value chains, improve cost and access for investors. However he cautioned that while the industry is maturing there are elevated risks and a need for regulation.

BlackRock’s Commitment

Fink concluded by noting BlackRock’s commitment to operational excellence across their business including digital assets such as permissioned blockchains and tokenized stocks/bonds. Therefore it appears BlackRock will continue exploring this space despite government crackdowns on large exchanges due to bank collapses which have further stifled the industry.

Bitcoin Use Cases

The primary use case of blockchain technology is tokenization of sound money—in particular Bitcoin—which has seen increasing usage around the world due to its decentralized nature allowing users to conduct transactions with lower fees than traditional banking solutions offer. This has been particularly true In India where Bitcoin transactions have seen significant growth over recent years, as well as South Africa where Bitcoin Ekasi has provided financial services to locals who would not otherwise be able to access them with traditional banks or credit cards.


Overall it appears that while there is still much work left to do when it comes to regulating digital assets globally, companies like BlackRock remain committed to operational excellence across all areas including these new technologies allowing for further adoption growth worldwide